Gas detection equipment


The Dualwatch combined LPG and carbon Monoxide detector comprises an alarm panel incorporating separate LED’s to give visual warnings of an LPG leak or the presence of CO, whilst an audible alarm is sounded when either gas is detected. The Dualwatch combined alarm is the only alarm on the market where the CO sensor is integrated into the alarm panel, with the provision for one or two remote and easy to fit plug in LPG sensors. The Dualwatch combined alarm is easy to fit and comes with a flush fitting or surface mounted control panel.

The alarm panel should be ideally be situated 1.5 to 1.8 metres away from a cooker and 1 to 1.5 metres above the floor, this is because CO is about the same weight as air and will follow the natural air movements. The remote LPG sensor should be positioned at the lowest point without getting wet. The Dualwatch combined alarm requires a 12v 3amp fused electrical supply.

Gas detection equipment - boat
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