Flyscreens for catering industry


The self contained made to measure insect screen comprises a spring loaded cassette, inside which the PVC coated fibreglass insect mesh is housed. Vertical guide channels from each end of the cassette in which the mesh runs make the system pest proof. The mesh is pulled down using fixed handles and secured by concealed hooks within the guide rails. When not in use the screen is retracted back into its cassette, thereby prolonging its life and keeping maintenance to a minimum. The cassette assemblies are available in white, brown or bronze and are suitable for use in commercial kitchens.

For larger windows we suggest the use of the EAZY HORIZONTAL SLIDING SCREEN. This screen has been designed for commercial applications, with ease of operation, cleaning and access to existing windows. Two, three, four or more sliding panes (which contain the insect mesh) can be housed in a continuous run with a maximum height of 2.1 metres.

All inner frame corners are mitred and screwed giving excellent rigidness to frames. Fixing is through the strong outer framing into window reveals. This allows the the sliding units to be fitted away from protruding handles that would otherwise obstruct fixed frame systems

Hinged door insect screens are also available. Single or double independent outer doors are available in white or brown with the option of auto closer

Suntex and chainscreen systems

No welcome for flying pests at doors and windows with SUNTEX and CHAINSCREEN systems.

  • Fed up with broken doors?
  • Constantly replacing damaged mesh?
  • Need to comply with the food safety (General Food Hygiene) regulations?


SUNTEX STRIP – Ideal for exterior kitchen doors, the 200mm wide overlapping strips hook onto a stainless steel headrail that can either be face or soffit fixed. The black and grey SUNTEX strips are manufactured from woven polyester making them almost impossible to tear. Zinc weights are sewn into the bottom of each strip to give stability and they are easily removed for deliveries and occasional cleaning with soap and water.

CHAINSCREEN – Made from durable lightweight anodized aluminium chain in a choice of colours, this wall of glittering metal will deter the vast majority of flying insects. Installation is straightforward and the screen is easily removed when not required.

Catering chainscreenscatering chainscreens

Catering flyscreens Catering flyscreens
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